Administrative Staff

Name Position
Michael Negrette Division Manager
Maisi Mayo Assistant Division Manager


Name Position
Laura Dodera Fellowship Coordinator (Clinical)
Erika Marr-Pollasky Fellowship Assistant (Clinical)
Lida Young
Postdoctoral Coordinator (Research)
Brooke Zelnik Postdoctoral Coordinator

Front Desk

Name Position
Judy Womack Receptionist


Name Position
Crystal Botham Director of Strategic Research Development
Joyce Hages Division Administrative Coordinator, On-Call Schedule Coordinator, and Associate to Dr. Lui

Administrative Support

Name Position
Val Cannon Heart Failure/ Pre Heart Transplant Coordinator
Tanya Carrasco Associate to Drs. Lee, Tremmel, Fearon, Stertzer, Brinton, and Price
Terra Coakley Program Manager, Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease; Community Events Manager, CV Medicine
Kat Gallagher Associate to Drs. Schnittger, Haddad, and Rogers
Mary Gorman Associate to Drs. Yock and Popp
Brian Habekoss Associate to Drs. Liang, Yang, and Dash
Francesca Tongco Associate to Drs. Banerjee, Fowler, Schroeder and Vagelos
Tatyana Perkis Associate to Drs. Wang, Turakhia, Park, and Viswanathan
  Associate to Drs. Hunt, Khush, and Ray
Alyssa Sacro Associate to Drs. Knowles, Maron, Naderi, Khandelwal, and Rockson
Manisha Sitlani Associate to Dr. Yeung
Bianca Velasquez Associate to Drs. Narayan, Perez, and Zei
Brooke Zelnik
Associate to Drs. Ashley and Wheeler

Financial Services

Name Position
Connor Hauck Financial Specialist
Hina Qureshi Grants Manager
Amber Tin Grants Manager

Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Name Position
Donna Harris Cardiology Section ADP Coordinator
Kavita Narayan ACLS Training Coordinator/ Associate to Dr. Giacomini