CT Education

3rd Computed Tomography Workshop

Radiation Dose and Contrast Media in Neuro & Body CT

June 5, 2010

Workshop 06/05/2010:

3rd Workshop on Radiation Dose and Contrast Media in Neuro & Body CT
Lucas Learning Center, Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final Program

Saturday Morning Session, Radiation Dose and Contrast Medium:

08:00 Introduction (FLEISCHMANN)

08:10 The ABCs of scanning and radiation dose parameters in computed tomography (FLEISCHMANN)(Download PDF)

08:50 Automated tube current modulation (MOLVIN)(Download PDF)

09:10 Correct patient positioning and scanning range reduces radiation dose (DAMITS) (Download PDF)

09:30 Practical tips and tricks for scanning children (NAEEM) (Download PDF)

09:45 Discussion

10:00 Coffee Break (20 min)

10:20 Intravenous access and contrast medium for CT: the nurses perspective (MADRA) (Download PDF)

10:45 Contrast medium induced nephrotoxicity: precautions and policies in patients with decreased renal function (FLEISCHMANN) (Download PDF)

11:30 What went wrong with this injection? (MARSH) (Download PDF)

12:00 Lunch Break (1 hr 00 min)

Saturday Afternoon Session, Neuro & Body Anatomy and Pathology:

13:00 Neuro-Anatomy CT (REX) (Download PDF)

13:30 Physiologic basis of contrast medium injection strategies for vascular, neuro, and abdominal CT (FLEISCHMANN) (Download PDF)

14:10 Neuro case conference (REX) (Download PDF)

14:40 Coffee Break (10 min)

14:50 Anatomic basis of the spread of disease in the peritoneum and retroperitoneum (MINDELZUN)

15:30 2D and 3D abdominal vascular anatomy and pathology (FLEISCHMANN) (Download PDF)

16:00 End


8 hours of ARRT-CE Category A