Computed Tomography


Dr. Fleischmann
Dr. Dominik Fleischmann, Director

CT technology at Stanford continues to evolve rapidly. By securing state-of-the-art CT scanners and developing technology assessment projects, we provide the latest in scanner technology at Stanford's outpatient imaging facilities. The new capabilities of our CT scanners include dual-energy and spectral imaging, as well as unprecedented scan times in cardiac imaging. All of our scanners have the latest techniques for radiation dose reduction. Cardiac CT scans for ruling out coronary heart disease in patients presenting to the emergency room with chest pain can be done within 5 heart beats at a radiation dose that can be as low as approximately 2 times the annual natural background radiation. Our new CT technology also allows for the imaging of blood flow in the brain for the rapid evaluation of stroke or blood flow in tumors (CT perfusion). Providing the highest quality patient care, our Stanford CT team offers dedicated training programs for technologists with semiannual workshops to ensure that our protocols and scanning techniques are tailored to meet the individual healthcare needs of each of our patients.