2014 CVI Seed Grants Recipients

The awardees and their proposal titles are listed below. 

Scott Ceresnak
'A Novel Signal Analysis Tool for Ablation of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome in Children' 

Susan Fernandes
'Predicting 10-Year Mortality in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease' 

Seda Tierney/David Rosenthal
'Parental Acquisiton of Echocardiographic Images in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipents Using ' Pocket' Ultrasound: A tele-health Feasibility Study'   

Joshua Knowles
'Exploring the Role of Maternal Insulin Resistance in Congenital Heart Defects' 

Matt Porteus
'Comparison of Isoform Expression Differences by SMRT Sequencing of Isogenic iPS Derived Cardiomyocytes corrected for the Myotonic Dystrophy Expanded Triplet Repeat' 

Stanley Rockson
'Prospective biomarker detection of latent cancer-related lymphedema risk' 

Michael McConnell

Ioannis Karakikes
'The Role of Telomere Dysfunction in The Pathogenesis of Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy' 

Jayakumar Rajadas
'Therapeutic siRNA delivery into human engineered heart muscle' 

Vivek Bhalla
'Validation of Novel Antibody Biomarkers for Human Diabetic Kidney'