Joseph Wu, MD, PhD

Dr. Joseph C. Wu is a Simon H. Stertzer, MD, Professor in the Department of Medicine (Cardiology) and Department of Radiology (Molecular Imaging Program) at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Wu received his medical degree from the Yale University School of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine residency and cardiology fellowship training at the UCLA Medical Center. This was followed by a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology at UCLA as a STAR (Specialty Training and Advanced Research) program trainee under the mentorship of Dr. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir. Clinically, he was trained in echocardiography and adult congenital heart disease by Drs. John Child and Joseph Perloff.  

Dr. Wu has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Burroughs Wellcome Foundation Career Award for Medical Scientists (2007), the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (2008), Baxter Foundation Faculty Award (2008), the NIH Roadmap Transformative R01 Award (2009), AHA National Innovative Research Award (2009), the White House Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (2010), the Bernard and Joan Marshall Research Excellence Prize from the British Society of Cardiovascular Research (2011), the American Society Clinical Investigation (2012), and the AHA Established Investigator Award (2013). Dr. Wu also serves on the editorial boards of Journal Clinical Investigation, Circulation Research, Circulation Cardiov Imaging, JACC Cardiov Imaging, Human Gene Therapy, Molecular Therapy, Stem Cell Research, and others.

Dr. Wu's lab uses a combination of genomics, cellular & molecular biology, physiological testing, and molecular imaging technologies to investigate molecular and pathophysiological processes of cardiovascular diseases. The lab has performed seminal work on biological mechanisms of adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells (ESCs), and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for myocardial repair.

Robert A. Harrington, MD

Director of Clinical Investigation

Dr. Robert Harrington is Arthur L. Bloomfield Professor of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Harrington was previously the director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI). His research interests include evaluating antithrombotic therapies to treat acute ischemic heart disease and to minimize the acute complications of percutaneous coronary procedures, studying the mechanism of disease of the acute coronary syndromes, understanding the issue of risk stratification in the care of patients with acute ischemic coronary syndromes, trying to better understand and improve upon the methodology of clinical trials.

He has authored more than 400 peer-reviewed manuscripts, reviews, book chapters, and editorials. He is an associate editor of the American Heart Journal and an editorial board member for the JACC. He is a senior editor of the 13th edition of Hurst’s The Heart. He recently served as a member and the chair of the Food and Drug Administration Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee.