The 2020 Stanford Drug Discovery Symposium has been rescheduled to 2021.
This page will be updated accordingly. Stay tuned!

April 19-20, 2021

Paul Berg Hall, Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford

Advances in research and technology now afford us the unique opportunity to develop and test novel diagnostics and therapeutics. This conference takes advantage of the collective experience and expertise of our participants to cover a broad range of policy, research, and venture topics. This symposium provides an invaluable forum for interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of drug research.

Lifetime Achievement Awardees

John Schiller, PhD

Deputy Chief, Laboratory of Cellular Oncology
National Cancer Institute

Douglas Lowy, MD

National Cancer Institute


(more to come as we reconfirm participation for 2021)

Fady Malik, MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA

Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Cytokinetics

Joan Mannick, MD

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Wendy Young, PhD

Senior Vice President, Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Lucy Shapiro, PhD

Director, Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine


Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD

  • Director, Stanford CVI
  • Simon H. Stertzer, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiology) and Radiology
    Stanford University School of Medicine

Amanda Chase, PhD

Grant Writer and Project Coordinator
Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

Sanjay Malhotra, PhD, FRSC

Associate Professor (Research) of Radiation Oncology (Radiation and Cancer Biology) and Radiology (MIPS)
Stanford University School of Medicine

Mark Mercola, PhD

Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular)
Stanford University School of Medicine

Kuldev Singh, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology
Stanford University School of Medicine