Boring Trust Research Award

Dorothy Dee and Marjorie Helene Boring Trust Award

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the world. The Boring Trust Research Award is meant to support Stanford medical students excited about research solutions that impact how we treat and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Award Perks

Up to a $15,000 award that can be applied to research-related supplies and expenses, educational costs and tuition, and travel

Choose a mentor from a list of 128 faculty at Stanford

Travel award to present research at a national conference

Invitation to annual Boring Trust Research Award dinner

Materials to Submit

A two-page proposal (figures and references are supplementary) using this template

One letter of recommendation from research mentor 

Upload application here

Application Deadline
11:59 pm, September 15, 2020


At least one quarter of MedScholars Research or previous research experience at Stanford.

Applicants will be evaluated based on research accomplishments during MedScholars program and the future work proposed in this application along with letter of recommendation

2019 Recipients

Nicolas Quach
MS2 / Cardiothoracic Surgery

"Engineering a Supra-therapeutic C-X-C Chemokine Receptor Type 4 (CXCR4) Agonist to Prevent Ischemic Heart Failure"

Mentor: William Hiesinger, MD

Ting Hsuan Wu
MS2 / Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

"Single-cell Analysis of Inflammation-induced Pulmonary Hypertension in Bmpr2 Dysfunction"

Mentors: Mark Nicolls, MD and Peter Kao, MD, PhD

Saad Syed
MS3 / Pediatric Cardiology

"A Non-invasive Signature of Myocardial Signaling in Children with Single Ventricle Heart Failure"

Mentor: Sushma Reddy, MD

2018 Recipients

Kevin Cyr
MD Candidate 2nd year

"A Novel Patient- Specific Electrode for Atrial Fibrillation Mapping"

Mentor: Anson Lee, MD


Yuhao (Danny) Huang
MD Candidate 4th year 

"Rapid detection of intracranial large vessel occlusion and prediction of treatment outcomes using deep convolutional neural networks"

Mentor: Dr. Phillip Yang, MD

Annika Dries
MD Candidate 2nd year

"Evaluating the regional pathogenicity of genetic variants in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)"

Mentor: Euan Ashley, MRCP DPhil

2017 Recipients

Joetsaroop Bagga
MD Candidate, 1st Year

"The role of vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype in coronary artery disease"

Mentor: Tom Quertemous, MD

Angela Zhang
MD PhD Candidate, 1st Year

"Using nano straws to improve the delivery of CRISPR/Cas 9 system to cardiomyocytes"

Mentor: Joseph Wu, MD PhD

Veronica Toro
MD Candidate 1st Year

"Construction of patient specific models from angiography for CABG surgery planning"

Mentor: Alison Marsden, PhD

Xinyuan Lisa Zhang
MD Candidate, 2nd Year

"The role of epicardial-endocardial dissociation in atrial fibrillation measured with a novel electrode sensor array with hight spatiotemporal resolution"

Mentor: Anson Lee, MD

2016 Recipients

Aditya J. Ullal
MD candidate, 2nd year

"Development of a Risk Score for Hospital Readmissions in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation"

Mentor: Mintu Turakhia, MD

Andrew Lee
MD candidate, 3rd year

"Efficacy of Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation for Improving Clinical and Immune Markers of Cardiovascular Health"

Mentor: Patricia K. Nguyen, MD

Francisco Xavier Galdos
MD/PhD candidate

"Investigation into Left Ventricular Cardiomyocyte Development in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome"

Mentor: Sean M. Wu, MD, PhD

Raheel Ata
MD candidate, 2nd year

"VascTrac – An Apple iPhone ResearchKit Study for Peripheral Artery Disease"

Mentors: Ronald Dalman, MD; Oliver Aalami, MD

2015 Recipients

Charlotte Rajasingh
MD candidate

"Development of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Adult Patients Exposed to Methylphenidate"

Labs: Vinicio de Jesus Perez, MD and Roham Zamanian, MD

Christopher Jensen
MD candidate

"Virtual Evaluation of Surgical Revascularization Techniques in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgeries"

Labs: Y. Joseph Woo, MD; Alison Marsden, PhD