Undergraduate Summer Research Program

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Our 10-week Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) Undergraduate Summer Research Program is designed to train undergraduate students in cardiovascular research in the laboratories of CVI-affiliated faculty members. Undergraduate summer research at Stanford CVI is supported by the American Heart Association, The National Institutes of Health, and the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. Each student enrolled in the program receives a set stipend covering living costs.

During the 10-week summer program, students work full-time in the labs of CVI research mentors. Throughout the summer, additional programming is provided in the form of cardiovascular science seminars, panels with graduate program admissions teams, professional development seminars, social events, and career path conversations with faculty, students, and industry professionals. The program ends with a symposium allowing the students to showcase their work to the CVI community.  

The program will run between June and August 2021. Exact program dates will be forthcoming. We will be opening applications for the program on October 15, 2020, and closing applications on January 15, 2021. Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Please contact our Office of Education and Outreach if you would like any additional information.

Former mentors and active mentors include:

Joseph Wu, MD, PhD
Program Director

Please contact our Office of Education and Outreach if you would like any additional information.

— Applications for 2021 will open October 15, 2020 —

Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

2020 Awardees

Samantha Churovich
Stanford University
Mentor: Michael Fischbein

Katherine Hua
Grinnell College
Mentor: Philip Yang

Courtney Obasohan
Mentor: Alison Marsden

Stefan Veizades
University of Edinbrugh
Mentor: Patricia Nguyen

Nickeisha Cuthbert
Claflin University
Mentor: Katrin Svensson

Amy Lam
Williams College
M: Edda Speikerkoetter

Aaron Panduro
CSU Fresno
Mentor: Alison Marsden

Neil Wary
Stanford University
Mentor: Marlene Rabinovitch

Lauren D'Amico
University of Washington
Mentor: Dan Bernstein

Obadiah Issachar Kirk
Western Kentucky Univ
M: Vinicio de Jesus Perez

Anson Seow
UC Merced
Mentor: Kristy Red-Horse

Samuel Wisecarver
East Tennessee State University
Mentor: Elsie Ross

Shila Deljookorani
Howard Comm. College
Mentor: Joseph Wu

Thalia Le
Emory University
Mentor: Vivek Bhalla

Robert Hickman
UC Santa Barbara
Mentor: Patricia Nguyen

Darlene Ferrer
University of Guam
Mentor: Ronglih Liao

Carissa Lee
Stanford University
Mentor: Sean Wu

Coral A. Torres Sanchez
Univ of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Mentor: Yasuhiro Shudo

Gerardo Gamino
Brigham Young University
Mentor: Fatima Rodriguez

Eries Jay Moreno
University of Guam
Mentor: Michael Ma

Lauryn Taylor
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Mentor: Michael Ma

2019 Awardees

Natasha Auer
UCSB | Mentor: Vinicio de Jesus Perez

Gabriela Escobar
Stanford University
Mentor: Sean Wu Lab

Sarah Madira
CSU Los Angeles
Mentor: Anson Lee

Caydin Sablan
University of San Francisco
Mentor: Ronglih Liao

Julianne Ballon
University of Guam
Mentor: Michael Fischbein

Breauna Franklin
Clemson University
Mentor: Nazish Sayed

Racheal Mezynski
N. Carolina State Univ
Mentors: Joe Wu & Huaxiao Yang

Lily Cheng
Univ of Michigan, AA
Mentor: Nazish Sayed

Roberto G. Hernandez
Univ of Puerto Rico
Mentor: Ke Yuan

Taylor Montiel
San Jose City College
Mentor: Joe Woo

Beatrice Choi
Stanford University
Mentor: June Rhee

Kelly Lancaster
UC Berkeley
Mentor: Ronglih Liao

Christian Beke Onana
Univ of Houston Downtown
Mentor: William Hiesinger

Lauren D'Amico
Univ of Washington
Mentor: Dan Bernstein

Rachel Lippman
Cornell University
Mentor: Mark Mercola

Raquel Racelis
San Francisco State University
Mentor: Kristy Red-Horse

Nashielli Diaz
Tufts University
Ioannis Karakikes Lab

Joseph Lohmann
University of Pennsylvania
Mentor: James Priest

Samantha Roach
Spelman College
Mentor: Yasuhiro Shudo

2018 Awardees

Jose Acosta-Julbe

Universidad de Puerto Rico
Natural Sciences College
(Vinicio de Jesus Perez Lab)

Ridhima Mishra

Stanford University
(Joseph Wu Lab)

Joy Udoh

Oberlin College
(Daniel Bernstein Lab)

Lily Cheng

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
(Joe Wu Lab)

Tyler Muser

Biola University
(Mark Mercola Lab)

Cali Loblundo

Villanova University
(Joseph Wu Lab)

Kailey Totherow

Stanford University
(Joseph Woo Lab)

Congratulations 2018 Awardees!