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In the News:

Curtis Lab receives grant

Curtis lab awarded Translational Research Grant from the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

‘Big Bang’ model of colon cancer identifies role time plays in tumor-growth dynamics

A new model describing how colon tumors grow emphasizes the importance of time and the early origin of differences within and among tumors.

Curtis lab receives grant

Curtis lab receives a grant from the Wunderglo Foundation to support their research on metastatic colorectal cancer. 

Upcoming Talks

Christina to give the Blaffer Lecture at MD Anderson

March 2017

Christina to give a talk at Gordon Research Conference on Hormone-dependent cancers: Functional insight and clinical application

Maine, August 6-11th, 2017

Christina to present at European Association for Cancer Research/European Society of Molecular Oncology 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting

Madrid, Spain, September 8-12th, 2017

Christina to present at American Society of Hematological Cancers (ASH) 2017

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, December 9-11th, 2017

Christina to give Keynote at International Biannual Evolution and Cancer Conference (IBECC)

Arizona State University, December 7-9th, 2017

Christina to give Plenary lecture at Advances in Genome Biotechnology (AGBT).

Marco Island, Florida, February 27-Mar 2, 2018

Christina to chair AACR Intestinal Stem Cells and Colon Cancer: Biology to Therapy

Washington DC, September 27-30th, 2018

Christina to speak at the EMBO Meeting: Cellular Signalling and Cancer Therapy

Dubrovnik, September 2018

Christina to Co-Chair CSHL Biological Data Sciences Conference

November 2018

Recent Activity

-July 2017 Ruping and Hannes presents at RECOMB CCB  

-Hannes Reiter joins the Curtis Lab!

-April  2017 - Jennifer receives Komen Postdoctoral Fellowship Award! 

-March 2017 - Jennifer receives Damnon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award!

-March 2017 - Alex receives NSF Fellowship!

-March 2017 Zheng presents at BOG 

-Congratulations to Jose for receiving a fellowship from the Komen Foundation!

-Christina receives AACR Career Development Award to study triple negative breast cancer

-Zheng named Innovative Genomics Initiative Fellow, Congratulations Zheng!