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In the News:

Christina receives 2018 NIH Director's Pioneer Award

Dr. Curtis was awarded the 2018 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award and  which supports individual scientists of exceptional creativity who propose highly innovative and potentially transformative approaches to major challenges in the biomedical or behavioral sciences towards the goal of enhancing human health. See Stanford's Press release.

Curtis Lab receives grant

Drs. Curtis Kuo and Ji lead a NCI funded Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) Center Grant.

Curtis Lab receives grant

Curtis lab awarded Translational Research Grant from the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

‘Big Bang’ model of colon cancer identifies role time plays in tumor-growth dynamics

A new model describing how colon tumors grow emphasizes the importance of time and the early origin of differences within and among tumors.

Curtis lab receives grant

Curtis lab receives a grant from the Wunderglo Foundation to support their research on metastatic colorectal cancer. 

Upcoming Meetings

Dr. Curtis to give Keynote at International Biannual Evolution and Cancer Conference (IBECC)

Arizona State University, December 7-9th, 2017

Dr. Curtis to present at American Society of Hematological Cancers (ASH) 2017

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, December 9-11th, 2017

Dr. Curtis to give Plenary lecture at Advances in Genome Biotechnology (AGBT) 2018

Orlando, Florida, February 12-15th, 2018

Dr. Curtis to give the Blaffer Lecture at MD Anderson

March 27th, 2018

Dr. Curtis to Chair session at the 2018 AACR Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois, April 14-18th, 2018

Dr. Curtis to present at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2018 Annual Meeting

Yokohama Japan, July 8-12th, 2018

Dr. Curtis to present at the 2018 EMBO Meeting on Cellular Signalling and Cancer Therapy

Croatia, September 14-18th, 2018

Dr. Curtis to Co-organize the AACR Intestinal Stem Cells and Colon Cancer Meeting

Washington DC, September 27-30th, 2018

Dr. Curtis to Co-organize the 2018 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) meeting on Biological Data Science

Nov 7-10th, 2018

Recent Activity

-July 2017 - Ruping and Hannes presents at RECOMB CCB

-June 2017 - Hannes Reiter joins the Curtis Lab!

-April 2017 - Jennifer receives Komen Postdoctoral Fellowship Award!

-March 2017 - Jennifer receives Damnon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award!

-March 2017 - Alex receives NSF Fellowship!

-March 2017 - Zheng presents at BOG

-October 2016 - Christina named a National Academy of Science (NAS) Kavli Frontier of Science Fellow

-April 2016 - Congratulations to Jose for receiving a fellowship from the Komen Foundation!

-April 2016 - Christina receives AACR Career Development Award to study triple negative breast cancer

-March 2016 - Zheng named Innovative Genomics Initiative Fellow, Congratulations Zheng!