Curriculum Management  

Curriculum Management Timeline

Administrative timeline for curriculum management for the 2012-13 academic year (all dates in  2012):

Late April

CourseLeaf opens for editing masthead pages in the Stanford Bulletin, Explore Degrees

April 25 Curriculum Management Instructional workshop for Department Course Administrators
April 26 - May 18 Conduct faculty review of department’s active courses as they appear in  the PeopleSoft Course Catalog Database
  Enter changes to courses, add new courses, and deactivate courses using  the PeopleSoft Add/Update Course Catalog Webform
May 23 SoM Currriculum Administrator seeds   2012-13 Class Schedules from updated PeopleSoft Course Database and prior year scheduling data (known as running  Prior Term Copy)
May 24 - June 25 Conduct faculty review of class schedule data as it appears in the Reportmart1 Time Schedule Reports for    2012-13

Enter changes to class schedule data into PeopleSoft   Update Class and (or) Facility Webform

  Submit School of Medicine room requests for all four quarters to the SoM EdTech Scheduling Office
  Submit requests for main campus rooms for all four quarters to the SoM Curriculum Administrator
June 25

Deadline to submit School of Medicine classroom requests for  2012-13 (all four quarters)

June 25

Update Class and (or) Facility Webform  for  21012-13
Class Schedule updates closes

July 2 - July 13 Update Faculty lists for Individual Study Sections
July 29 Stanford Bulletin Explore Degrees, Explore Courses and   2012-13 Class Schedules go live on the Web
August 1 Axess opens for Autumn quarter enrollment

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