Curriculum Management  

Annual Class Time Schedule Review

Each spring and summer all class offerings for the next academic year are reviewed by departments and programs to ensure that PeopleSoft Class Time Schedules are accurate and prepared to appear in Axess. Class data – days, times, instructors, and notes -- are updated, new classes are added, and cancelled classes are deleted. Most processes are executed directly in PeopleSoft by Department Course Administrators using the appropriate Webform.

Updating Class Schedules

  1. Run a Time Schedule Report and export it to Excel so it can be manipulated.
  2. Distribute class scheduling data to respective instructors to update and/or confirm days, times, instructors, TAs and notes. Be especially mindful of deleting TAs who will no longer be TAing that class, even if new TAs are not yet known, and of deleting or updating notes, especially prior year dates and uncoded class meeting locations.
  3. Enter changes to class scheduling data using the PeopleSoft Add Class and Update Class and (or) Facility Webforms uder the PeopleSoft Curriculum Management tab.


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