Course Administration Resources & Job Aids

For all of the necessary course administrator access, you will need to complete the following:

  1. PeopleSoft training (Student Records and Course Maintenance)
  2. Complete the class permissions training (this will allow you to generate codes for courses with required permissions)
  3. Review the information regarding course administration and classroom scheduling on the Curriculum Management website
  4. Review the academic calendar and deadlines

After completing the PeopleSoft training and reviewing information regarding CPS, contact for authority. You will also be added to the SOM course administrator mailing list:


Add an independent study section in CPS To list a new instructor under an independent study section.
Assign/remove an instructor/TA To assign, modify or remove a primary, secondary instructor, or TA to a class.
Class permissions For classes requiring consent for enrollment, permission codes must be provided to eligible students. 
Instructor/TA departmental approval To approve an instructor or TA for class assignment in CPS (per department). 
Instructor eligibility Primary instructors are classified as a full, associate or assistant professor or a full or associate clinical instructor. Other titles may be listed as a secondary instructor and are required to list an additional, eligible primary instructor. ***For any possibility of an exception contact for approval.
Update enrollment status (ex: consent required/not required) To update he enrollment status of a class to required consent.
Verify room availability  To search room availability on the main campus - request will be submitted through CPS. 


Please contact with suggestions/questions.