School of Medicine Curriculum Management Contacts

Jessica Goudy
Assistant Registrar - Courses
(650) 724-8668

Caroline Cheang
Associate Director of Clerkship Administration
(650) 498-7619

School of Medicine Department Course Administrators

Course Administrators collaborate with the SoM Registrar's Office Curriculum Management contacts to manage offerings in their departments and programs. They work directly with their departments' instructors to compile, report, and update catalog records and ensure courses and learning spaces are scheduled correctly. Inquiries about specific offerings or class scheduling for a subject should be directed to that subject's Course Administrator.

Anesthesia (ANES)
Yun Tao 

Biochemistry (BIOC)
Joella Ackerman 

Bioengineering (BIOE)
Katy Bechler

Biomedical Data Science- (BIODATSCI)
Pornprang Plangsrisakul

Biomedical Informatics-IDP (BIOMEDIN)
Iffat Ahmed

Biophysics-IDP (BIOPHYS)
Kathleen Guan
Biosciences Interdisciplinary (BIOS)
Michileen Oberst
Cancer Biology-IDP (CBIO)
Grace Batoon
Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS)
Corrine Sanchez
Chemical and Systems Biology (CSB)
Eva Hy
Comparative Medicine (COMPMED)
Steve Choy
Dermatology (DERM)

Developmental Biology (DBIO)
Mimi Qian

Emergency Medicine (EMED)
Maria Alfonso

Genetics (GENE)
Wendy Christiansen
Research and Policy (HRP)
Misty Mazzara
Immunology-IDP (IMMUNOL)
Maureen Panganiban
Medicine (MED)
Nancy D’Amico
Medicine Interdisciplinary (INDE)
Microbiology and Immunology (MI)
Denise Winters
Molecular & Cellular Physiology (MCP)
Schantae Wright
Neurobiology (NBIO)
Lori Bates
Neurology & Neurological Sciences (NENS)
Mitzine Wright
Neurosciences-IDP (NEPR)
Micaela Salacup-Norman
Neurosurgery (NSUR)
Jacqueline Ventura
Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBGYN)
Tracy Lindsay
Ophthalmology (OPHT)
Katie Majchrzak
Orthopaedic Surgery (ORTHO)
Jzesern Tan
Otolaryngology (OTOHNS)
Erika Shimahara
Pathology (PATH)
Pam Bell
Pediatrics (PEDS)
Theresa Kramer
Primary Care and Population Health
Kim Osborn
Psychiatry (PSYC)
Quynh Dang
Radiation Oncology (RADO)
Karin Hang

Radiology (RAD)
Ann Vo

School of Medicine: General (SOMGEN)
Structural Biology (SBIO)
Kathleen Guan
Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine 
Lorena Najarro
Surgery (SURG)
Karen Cockerill
Urology (UROL)
Taranjit Bains

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