Curriculum Management  

Create a Clerkship

Clerkships require a process to be authorized as new offerings and added to the course catalog. Signatures of the clerkship's director and the department chair must be provided on a form submitted to the Curriculum Administrator. The Curriculum Administrator reviews the proposal and submits it for approval to the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) in the School of Medicine Faculty Senate.

Elective Clerkship

To propose a new elective clerkship, complete and submit only the Clerkship Proposal Form:

Clerkship Proposal Form (Word Doc)

Selective Clerkship

To propose a new Selective I or Selective II (Subinternship) clerkship, complete both the Clerkship Proposal Form (above) and the appropriate selective form (below):

Clerkship Selective I Proposal Form (Word Doc)

Clerkship Selective II (Subinternship) Proposal Form (Word Doc)


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