Classroom Scheduling

Most School of Medicine classes meet in SoM rooms reserved through the School’s EdTech Scheduling Office. Some SoM classes are held in department controlled spaces, and some, particularly undergraduate offerings, in main campus classrooms controlled by the University Registrar’s Office. 

Reserving and Reporting School of Medicine Classrooms

SoM room and reservation information can be found at . This site contains room scheduling policies, building locations, types, capacities, descriptions and available technology. Requests for SoM rooms for academic classes are submitted by the Department Course Administrator to the MedScheduling Office.

SoM classrooms are scheduled on an annual basis for all four quarters as part of the annual Class Time Schedule Review and Update each spring/summer. The deadline for submission is in June of each Academic Year. Contact the Curriculum Administrator or your department's course administrator for more information.  All classrooms will be assigned before the opening of Axess for autumn quarter.

For room requests after the June room scheduling deadline, an email should be sent by the Department Course Administrator to Indicate the days, times, resources and capacity needed for your class meeting. Room requests submitted after the June deadline are not guaranteed a consistent meeting space. NOTE: All reservation changes or requests made after the initial annual scheduling must be communicated to the scheduling office and must also be submitted  to the Curriculum Administrator via the Update Class and (or) Facility webform to update PeopleSoft/Axess.

Standard Meeting Times

As of Fall 2015, the School of Medicine adheres to the standard meeting patterns set by the Academic Senate. Information on allowable meeting patterns can be found at this link:  

Reserving and Reporting Department - Managed Spaces

Some SoM classes meet in small conference rooms or department-managed spaces that are not controlled by SoM or University room schedulers. Department Course Administrators reserve such spaces independently.

Department Course Administrators enter classroom spaces reserved independently  into the Class Time Schedule using the Peoplesoft Update Class and (or) Facility Webform.  Some independently managed spaces do not have codes in the Peoplesoft database, so they must be entered as text in the Notes field instead of the Facility ID field.

Reserving and Reporting Main Campus Classrooms

Main campus classrooms are scheduled by the University Registrar’s Office (RSO) in July for the entire academic year.

Classroom information can be found here: Log in and use the Event Wizard or other tools on the site to locate available meeting spaces on main campus. Route your request for a main campus space through theSoM Curriculum Administrator. Individual departments/individuals who submit requests to the RSO will be re-directed to the SoM Curriculum Administrator.

Department Course Administrators submit requests for main campus rooms in the Special Instructions section of the Update Class and (or) Facility Webform, including specifications for the room the instructor would prefer, such as room capacity or technology, or a specific room or campus location.  Main campus room requests must adhere to standard meeting times.

Main campus room assignments are entered into the Peoplesoft Class Time Schedule by the RSO. Department Course Administrators receive confirmation of  the assignments from the SoM Curriculum Administrator.