Canceling a Class


A class that has been scheduled for a specific quarter may be canceled directly by the Department Course Administrator before enrollment opens in Axess for that quarter. If the class appears in and is to be canceled from more than one quarter, the Department Course Administrator must ensure the class is canceled from each quarter; canceling a class from one quarter does not cancel it for the entire academic year.

Canceling a class after enrollment has opened for a quarter is particularly problematic and should be avoided by careful review of the time schedule before enrollment begins. Once a quarter has begun, canceling a class requires that the Department Course Adminstrator ensure enrollment is frozen and that all students who have enrolled in the course are notified in time to enroll in another appropriate offering. Remember that changes to a student's enrollment may affect compliance with the student's status and even payment of a stipend or other educational financial support.

If a course must be canceled after enrollment has begun, the Department Course Administrator must submit a webform requesting cancellation of the course.