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2012-13 SoM Curriculum Management Workshop

This year's Curriculum Management Workshop for Department Course Administrators is set for Wednesday, April 25, 2012 from 1:15-3:15 pm in the Alway M206 computer lab.

The workshop is designed to prepare SoM Course Administrators for the annual university-wide Peoplesoft Course Catalog and Class Time Schedule reviews. Topics include adding and updating course offerings, updating quarterly class schedules, scheduling rooms, updating faculty independent study section listings, and hands-on exercises with report generation in Reportmart1 and electronic submission of changes via Peoplesoft webforms.

For more information, contact: JoAnn Berridge

Curriculum management encompasses the many administrative processes and procedures involved in maintaining accurate, up-to-date information about curricular offerings.

This Web site addresses the management of curricular data for courses and clerkships offered by the 34 departments of the School of Medicine. It includes resources, tools and instructions for departmental course administrators, as well as information to assist faculty, teaching assistants, and students with processes such as initiating new courses or clerkships, modifying or retiring existing offerings, and making changes to Axess scheduling information.

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