Our Staff


Jason Irwin

Director of Finance and Administration

Pauline Prater

Administrative and Facilities Manager

Judy Womack

Administrative Associate / Receptionist

Deborah Freitas

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Corrine Sanchez

Faculty Affairs Coordinator

Scott McAllister

Senior Financial Analyst

Stephanie Harrington

Residency/Fellowship Coordinator

Jay Ramirez

Financial Analyst

Danielle deLeon

Web Manager

Adult Cardiac Surgery

Yesenia Perez

Administrative Associate to Dr. Joseph Woo

Monique Chang

Administrative Associate to Outreach Faculty and Drs. Michael Dake and Michael Fischbein 

Roberto Vargas

Cardiovascular Surgery Assistant Clinic Manager

Judith Sang

Cardiac Surgery Coordinator

Helen Butler

Administrative Associate to Dr. Joseph Woo

Priscilla de Jesus

Administrative Associate to Dr. Craig Miller

Juan Ayala

Cardiac Surgery Coordinator

Kay Alexander

Thoracic Surgery Database Coordinator

Diane Starrett

Administrative Associate to Dr. Yasuhiro Shudo, Outreach Faculty,  and Jason Irwin

Liz Pope

Administrative Associate to Drs. Philip Oyer,  Claire Watkins, and William Hiesinger

Maria Caimol

Cardiovascular Surgery Coordinator

Mel Rosete

Administrative Associate to Drs. Jack Boyd and Anson Lee

Lisa Sarkisian

Administrative Associate to Dr. Craig Miller

Pardis Babzani

Cardiovascular Surgery Coordinator

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Marlene Charles

Staff Supervisor and Clinical Coordinator

Shwetha Mureli

Life Science Research Professional

Debbie Parsons

New Patient Coordinator

Mary Devega

Administrative Associate

Lorraine Rael-Haro

Data Entry Specialist

Marilou Sugimoto

Pediatric Surgery Coordinator

Michal Palmon, BSc, MPH

Pediatric Cardiothoracic Clinical Outcomes Director

Thoracic Surgery

Donna Yoshida (Minagawa)

Administrative Associate to
Drs. Joseph Shrager and Natalie Lui

Ja'Vonne M. Alexander

Administrative Associate to Drs. Leah Backhus and Mark Berry

Lisa Zhou, MD, PhD

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Trials Coordinators

Kokil Bakshi

Clinical Research Coordinator

Tiffany Flores

Clinical Research Coordinator

Rachelle Villanueva

Data Aide

Off-Campus Staff

Santa Clara Valley
Medical Center

Tracie Zarubi
Medical Administrative Associate
751 S. Bacom Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 885-6191

Pediatric Heart Program
Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

Kimberlee Gondolf & Julie Farrar 
Sacramento Clinic Manager 
5301 F Street   #213 
Sacramento, CA  95819 
(916) 733-1400