High School & Pre-Medical Student Stanford Summer Internship

Curriculum & Outcomes

This course schedule will serve as the framework for Programs 1 and 2.
Changes will be made to adapt to student needs, instructors, and/or available resources.
Daily attendance for the full term is non-negotiable.

Week 1

Curriculum & Outcomes

Orientation and Safety Course

Knot Tying

This week is focused on knot tying. The student is expected to master the two-handed knot and to be introduced to the one-handed knot.

Handling of Surgical Instruments

The student is introduced to different ways to hold a needle driver, including "palming" the instruments.

Introduction to Porcine Heart Dissection

Using the porcine heart, the student is taught how to make an incision, how to hold the scissors and forceps, and how to suture in a vertical fashion and horizontal fashion.

Interrupted and Continuous Suturing

Lecture Topics

Introduction to Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology

History of Cardiac Surgery

Heart and Lung Transplant

Aortic Valve Surgery

Coronary Artery Disease

Week 2

Curriculum & Outcomes

Aseptic Surgery Course

Gowning and gloving

Heart Dissection and Suturing Practice

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Aortic Valve Replacement

Lecture Topics

General Surgery and Emergency Surgery


Minimally Invasive Surgery

History of Congenital Disease and Surgery

Mitral Valve Surgery

Week 3

Curriculum & Outcomes

Thoracic Aortic Surgery Principles and Techniques

Congenital Surgery Techniques

Pulmonary Surgery

Lecture Topics

Thoracic and Thoracoabdominal Aneurysm

Lung Cancer and Pulmonary Surgery

Esophageal Cancer