TA and RA Positions

Teaching Assistant

Position Details:

Teaching assistants will be trained to be able to facilitate the surgical skills simulation lab, along with the program Director Paul Chang. Responsibilities of a teaching assistant include setting up the lab space, maintaining a clean and safe lab space, guiding students in daily skills lessons, and more.

NOTE: To apply for the Teaching Assistant position, you are required to have taken the course in a previous program year.

Deadline: 3/24/17

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Residential Advisors

RAs are returning CSSSI student staff appointments and are expected to conduct themselves professionally. RAs serve as role models for the residents and are basically always "on duty." RAs are expected to do the following: know and abide by University policies including but not limited to the Guidelines for Youth Program Staff, the Code of Conduct, the Controlled Substances and Alcohol Policy, the Smoking Policy, the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault policies, as well as the Housing Handbook Agreement; be responsible and professional community leaders; and exercise common sense and mature, good judgment in their interactions or relationships with residents. RAs must be 21 or over, and will be supervising minors.

Deadline: 03/24/2017

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