2015 Fellows

Corces-Zimmerman, Ryan, PhD

Project Title: Single cell epigenomic analysis of cancer heterogeneity

Co-mentors: Howard Chang, MD, PhD / Wing Wong, PhD

Karacosta, Loukia, PhD

Project Title: Identifying EMT-induced mechanisms of drug resistance through single cell analysis of breast and lung cancer heterogeneity

Co-mentors: Sylvia Plevritis, PhD / Sean Bendall, PhD

McFarland, Christopher, PhD

Project Title: DNA-Barcoded, CRISPR-activated mouse models of Lung Adenocarcionma.

Co-mentors: Dmitri Petrov, PhD / Monte Winslow, PhD

Shahrokh Esfahani, Mohammad, PhD

Project Title: Robust Tumor Copy Number Detection & Histology 
Classification Using CAPP-Seq

Co-mentors: Ash Alizadeh, MD, PhD / Max Diehn, MD, PhD / Rob Tibshirani, PhD

Straessler, Krystal, PhD

Project Title: Identification of somatic copy number 
drivers of osteosarcoma

Co-mentors: Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD / Christina Curtis, PhD