Application Instructions

The Stanford Cancer Systems Biology Scholars (CSBS) Program is a multidisciplinary training program for cancer and biocomputational researchers who want to embark on a systems biology approach to discover clinically-relevant cellular and molecular networks underlying cancer risk, initiation, progression and treatment response. With funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), we are able to offer the CSBS Program to well-qualified applicants from various backgrounds: (1) cancer biologists who want to be cross-trained in computational sciences and (2) computational scientists who want to be cross-trained in cancer biology. CSBS is a two-year postdoctoral training program focused on innovative, multidisciplinary cancer research education that seamlessly integrates experimental and computational biology in order to systematically unravel the complexity of cancer.  30 faculty mentors from 19 departments participate in this program.  CSBS trainees will conduct research with a primary mentor in their existing field of expertise (cancer biology or computational biology) and a co-mentor in the complementary field of work.  Fellows will also participate in specialized coursework and seminars, and attend a regular meeting of CSBS mentors and trainees, as part of an integrated, two-year program. Funding is available for salary, supplies, and travel.  Applicants must have an MD, PhD, or MD/PhD. Accepting U.S. applicants only. Applicants should not have more than 3 years prior postdoc experience by the beginning of the fellowship program.



To apply for a CSBS fellowship position, you must submit the following as a single PDF file for items 1-4 by email to Theresa McCann:

  1. Completed CSBS Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Two-page (max) Statement of Goals and Career Plan- briefly summarize your previous research experience and discuss your overall goals and career plan in pursuing training in cancer systems biology.
  4. Scanned copy of Undergraduate/Graduate GPA and GRE Scores
  5. Three letters of recommendation. Letters should be addressed to Dr. Sylvia Plevritis and must be emailed directly from referee to Theresa McCann at
  6. List of potential mentors. Applicants should not contact potential mentors at this stage. Once finalists are selected, the finalists will contact potential mentors and prepare a research proposal. The research proposal will not be solicited and evaluated until finalists are selected. 

Applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic achievement
  2. First-authored publications in high impact journals
  3. Letters of recommendation
  4. Goals and career plan
  5. Scientific merit of research proposal (finalists only)
  6. Interdisciplinary nature of proposal and its relevance to cancer systems biology (finalists only)


Please submit application inquiries to:

Theresa McCann
Program Manager
Cancer Systems Biology Scholars (CSBS) Program
Stanford University School of Medicine
E-mail »


We are not currently accepting applications, please check back for more information.

Application Deadline:  To Be Announced
Expected Start Date:  September 2019