Critical Care Medicine  

Faculty Research

Research into the problems of critically ill patients is investigated at the clinical and molecular level. The focus of our research is to improve our ability to care for patients with life-threatening disorders. 

Timothy P. Angelott, MD, PhD
Dr. Angelotti is interested in the molecular basis for sympathetic axtivation and modulation in various disease states.

Edward J. Bertaccini MD
Dr. Bertaccini is interested in the molecular mechanisms of anesthesia and sedation in the intensive care unit.

Ganesh Krishna MD
Dr. Krishna's research interest is in interstitial lung disease.

Ware Kuschner, MD
Dr. Kushner's research focuses on health effects of toxic inhalational exposure.

Geoff Lighthall, MD
Dr. Lighthalls interests include human patient simulation (HPS) as an educational and training tool in critical care.

Fred Mihm, MD
Dr. Mihm’s two areas of research interest involve cardiorespiratory monitoring techniques and applications and the perioperative management of patients with pheochromocytoma.

Andrew Patterson, MD, PhD
Dr. Patterson’s research focuses on cardiovascular physiology. Specifically, Dr. Patterson studies the roles of b adrenergic receptor subtypes in the heart, the molecular mechanisms by which congestive heart failure develops and progresses, and the regulation of vascular tone. Dr. Patterson’s work is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NHLBI).

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