Critical Care Medicine  

Applying to the Critical Care Fellowship Program

Critical Care Medicine (CCM) Fellowship Positions are available to candidates who are Board eligible or certified in Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, OB/GYN and Emergency Medicine. Senior surgical residents may also apply with approval of the ABS. Applicants shall have, or be able to obtain, a California medical license prior to the start of their fellowship. All fellowship start dates are in the summer (July 1 and August 1).

The two ways to apply to the CCM Fellowship program are through the Anesthesia or Medicine track. All Medicine applicants must apply through ERAS, which coordinates the application process (not a match). Anesthesia CCM applicants must follow the instructions below regarding the SF application process and match. We require that you complete and submit all of the following before your application will be reviewed:

Pathway Descriptions and the Application Process

One year ACCM fellowship: Anesthesia applicants form approved anesthesia programs are eligible to apply to the one-year ACCM fellowship. The ACCM fellowship application process begins during the CA-2 academic year and the fellowship is scheduled to start following completion of CA-3 year. This program uses the SF Match program for both applications and matching. Interested applicants please see detailed application requirements below.

Dual 2-year ACCM and Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology (ACTA) Fellowships: This fellowship track involves two years of training after completing the CA3 year at an approved anesthesia program. Both ACCM and ACTA fellowships are completed over a two-year consecutive time frame. Both the ACTA and ACCM fellowships require use of the SF Match Central Application Service (CAS) system, which require separate application distribution fees. To assure applicants applying to our dual 2-year fellowship have a seamless experience, we have outlined the below application process:

The 2-year consecutive ACCM and ACTA fellowship are considered two separate programs within the SF matching system and therefore is NOT currently and option in the SF matching program. We ask that all applicants interested in completing both fellowships at Stanford to register and apply through the SF Match under the ACCM program (please see detailed application information below, similar to the one-year fellowship program for ACCM). Once you have applied please send an email to us to let us know that you have submitted your application through the SF Match ACCM program and wish to be considered for both fellowship programs.

Please see section below regarding interview process and ranking/matching process for more information regarding how this process is conducted for applicants applying to both programs.

If you have specific questions about the ACTA fellowship, please contact Karlee Joice at

ABA-EM 2-year ACCM Fellowship Applicants: Candidates having completed Emergency Medicine training and interested in our fellowship program through the Anesthesia-ABA pathway will apply for and complete a 2 year ACCM fellowship to satisfy the requirements of the ACEP and their agreement with the ABA. Please apply to our program following “One year ACCM fellowship” requirements, which includes applying to the SF Match in accordance to the above listed dates. Those who have completed both EM and Internal Medicine residency programs are encouraged to apply through our Med CCM program, which the application process can be found under MEDICINE CCM below.

Surgery and OB/GYN: Applicants who are finishing Surgery or OB/GYN residency training are permitted by their respective boards to receive CCM training in an approved ACCM fellowship program for 1 year. Please follow the application process and instructions outlined for the “One year ACCM Fellowship.”

ACCM Application Process

The ACCM fellowship programs in the United States have agreed to participate in a Match administered by the San Francisco Matching Program (SF Match). NEW this year, anesthesia CCM fellowship applicants must submit all 2017-18 application documents via the SF Match Central Application System (CAS). The CAS distributes applications to fellowship training programs online. Applicants are required fill out a CAS application form, provide a set of required documents, and select programs for distribution. A separate fee, aside from the SF Match registration fee, is required for CAS distributions.

Applicants are required to have the following documents in order to apply to programs via CAS:

Applicants invited to interview may be asked to provide the following documents separately to our review committee:

Applicants accepted into the program may be required to submit the following documents:

NOTE: If asked to provide additional documents to be sent directly to the program, emailed documents are preferred and must be scanned, we will not accept photos taken of documents.

ACCM Application Review Process and Interview Schedule for the One Year Fellowship

12/1/2016: Completed applications will start being reviewed on a rolling process. Your application will not be reviewed until all materials have been received via CAS.

1/31/2017 – 5/2/2017: Stanford Anesthesia CCM Interview Period

Nov 1, 2016 SF Match Registration Begins
Nov 1, 2016 Applicants can begin the SF Match CAS application process
January 31, 2017 – May 2, 2017 Interview period (specific dates to be released with the interview offer but typically occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
March 16, 2017 Application deadline (last day to submit application for review)
May 26, 2017 Rank list deadline, 12:00 PM (noon) PST
June 2, 2017 SF Match results released

We are happy to be a part of the SF Match and will follow all match guidelines. Please review qualifying exceptions for candidates stated by SOCCA. If match exceptions are to be offered, these rules stated by SOCCA will be followed. Out of the match positions vary and may not be available. Out of the match spots will only be granted if positions are available and candidates are unable to apply through the match (military) or meet a Match exception. Please note, even if you meet a “match exception” you must still apply through SF Match before your application will be reviewed.

ACCM Application Review Process and Interview Schedule for the Dual-Fellowship Candidates

Dual 2-year applicants invited to interview will do so under the ACCM fellowship program (please see dates and descriptions above). We will coordinate the interview day to include faculty from both respective fellowships. Steps for applicants interested in both fellowships:

ACCM Interview Day Process

Candidates that are invited to interview with our program should prepare to participate in a full-day interview program. The morning begins with an overview and meet and greet from Erin Hennessey, MD the Program Director. Candidates will shadow the ICU teams during rounds and get a glimpse of the structure of our multidisciplinary teams and units. Candidates will also have the opportunity to participate in fellowship didactic sessions during the lunch hour, have a tour by the chief fellows, and mingle with current fellows. Each candidate will have interviews with a variety of core faculty who represent our multidisciplinary training program. The interview day is scheduled from 7:30-5pm.

Anesthesia Critical Care Medicine Program Director: Erin K. Hennessey, M.D.
Fellowship Coordinator: Bernadett Mahanay (650)-723-6415
Anesthesia CCM Fellowship
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H3583
Stanford, California 94305-5640


Applicants currently finishing an Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, or Neurology residency may apply to our program, through ERAS, for one of the two following possibilities:

Medicine Critical Care Medicine Program Director: Ann Weinacker, M.D.
Fellowship Coordinator: La Toya King (650-721-3068)
Medicine Critical Care Fellowship
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine, M121-L
Stanford, California 94305-5119


Innovative Anesthesia - Medicine Integrated Residency Program!

Graduating medical students who are interested in a career as an Anesthesiologist - Internist are encouraged to apply to our combined Residency program approved by the ACGME in 2012 (Note: This program has its own separate match # and will be matched independently from the Stanford Anesthesia Residency match.)


Details of the Anesthesia/ Medicine Combined Residency program

If you have any questions about this new program, please contact Dr. Alex Macario, or Ms. Janine Roberts, 650-725-0337.


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