Critical Care Simulation

Stanford is well known for being one of the originators of simulation in Anesthesia. The Simulation Center is now being used in the area of Critical Care to help improve physician response in highly stressful, life-threatening situations.

Fellows serve as instructors in a critical care simulation course for medical students and participate in simulation-based team training activities at both the VA and Stanford hospitals. Facilities include high capability simulation centers at both adult hospitals and Packard Children’s hospital, and use of workplace-based (in situ) simulations throughout these facilities. Stanford has a long-standing tradition in using patient simulation to research human performance in the operating room and ICU.

Fellows can use research time to develop a scholarly concentration in simulation activities by participating as an instructor in existing programs and potentially developing their own curricula. Fellows are welcome in simulation instructor courses, debriefing workshops as well other medical education programs throughout the medical school.

Current developed Curricula within the Anesthesia Department and Critical Care Division

  • Code team training
  • Unannounced in situ mock codes at the VA hospital
  • Unannounced in situ sepsis and hemorrhage crises at the VA hospital
  • Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management for anesthesia residents
  • Twice monthly ICU crisis management simulations at the VA
  • High risk maternal-fetal simulation
  • Monthly code team training at the VA

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