June 2012

This months presentation from Dr Jennifer York

York CRIT presentation.pptx

Great presentation on an ongoing blood conservation research project at Washington University in St. Louis.

Get Involved with CRIT

We are currently meeting on the fourth monday of each month at 9 am pacific time. During our meetings we discuss ongoing research projects and issues surrounding blood utilization. If you are interested in joining our collaborative and research project email me at eloa@stanofrd.edu

CRIT and the Society for the advancement of blood management- SABM

One of the great partnerships we have been able to make in the past 9 months is with the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM). The goals of the organization are to promote research, educate professionals, and educate the public surrounding issues of blood management. We will be presenting our project and any data we have at the next annual SABM meeting.

SABM is also helping to support the CRIT collaborative by advertising us on their website.

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