August 2011

Kickoff Meeting September 13th at 10 am.

September 13th at 10 AM (pacific time) will be our first monthly teleconference meeting. The purpose of this meeting will be to introduce the collaborative participants and discuss our overall plans moving forward. In addition we will also discuss the opportunity to conduct a multi-institutional randomized controlled trial using our CDS tool.

Below is the webconference site we will use to conduct the meeting. Logon instructions will be sent a few days prior.

If you have not yet replied to the meeting invitations but would like to let me know via email

Looking forward to the first meeting


Eloa Adams MD

Collaborative Mission

A few years ago we began a quality improvement project using CPOE tethered to clinical decision support to improve red blood cell utilization by increasing adherence to evidence based guidelines. We were very surprised and happy with the effectiveness of our intervention and we recently published our results in Pediatrics. Due to the success of the intervention and the effectiveness of our tool we are hoping to take this project further. The question now is this: can we successfully implement effective decision support tools across multiple institutions, while achieving improved outcomes and adherence to evidence based recommendations ?

In an effort to address this question we formed the CRIT collaborative, which is a group of more than ten pediatric and adult hospitals (and growing!) who have agreed to implement our decision support tool and meet monthly to discuss implementation, progress, data analysis, and research opportunities. We are very excited about this project and it is our hope that it will pave the way towards more broad utilization of this type of decision support while promoting partnerships where effective methods are not constrained to single institutions.


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