Students will be matched with a clinical and/or a methodologic mentor. These mentors will be available on an ad hoc basis to advise the students during their first year of study, when much of their scholarly concentration commitment is accomplished in their didactic courses. During subsequent years, it is expected that the mentors will meet with the students approximately every three months. These meetings will focus on developing the original research project and, once initiated, reviewing the student’s progress towards successful completion of the project, anticipated to be between the third and fifth year of medical school.

Faculty Mentors for Clinical Research Scholarly Concentration

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Anesthesia Neurosurgery  
Dermatology Pathology Radiation Oncology
Medicine Pediatrics Surgery
Neurology Psychiatry  


  Martin S. Angst
  Alex Macario (also belongs to HRP)
  Sean Mackey
  Christina Mora Mangano


  Howard Chang
  David Fiorentino
  Susan Swetter


  Wes Brown
  Steve Coutre
  James Ford
  Stephen P. Fortmann
  Victor Froelicher
  Mark Genovese
  Mary Kane Goldstein
  Ron Levy
  Stan Rockson
  Brandy Sikic


  Helen Bronte-Stewart


  Maxwell Boakye



  Laura Bachrach
  Corry Dekker
  Michael Jeng
  Bonnie Maldonado
  Richard Moss
  William Rhine
  David Rosenthal
  Stephen J. Roth
  Minnie Sarwal
  David Stevenson
  Krisa Van Meurs


  Jed Black
  Kiki Chang
  Dolores Gallagher-Thompson
  Cheryl Koopman
  James Lock
  Vinod Menon
  Allan L. Reiss
  Alan Schatzberg
  Hans Steiner

Radiation Oncology

  Albert Koong


  John Morton
  Sherry M. Wren