Cancer Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials play an important role in developing new interventions to prevent, diagnose and treat all types of cancer. Racial/ethnic diversity in cancer clinical trials is critical to the development of therapies which are effective in all populations. Although 1 in 5 of all patients with cancer are eligible to participate in a clinical trial, only 1 in 30 are successfully enrolled. Among those who participate in trials, fewer than 5% are racial or ethnic minorities. Broadening racial/ethnic participation in cancer clinical trials is a top priority for the SCI. Through our community engagement activities we hope to gain a better understanding of the knowledge and attitudes about cancer clinical trials in our Greater Bay Area communities. The Stanford Clinical Trials Office aims to increase participation of racial/ethnic minorities to ensure that the results of the studies are relevant to the diverse populations in our catchment area.

The Stanford Cancer Clinical Trials Office (CCTO)

Diversity in Cancer Clinical Trials Presentation

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Online Course: Asian American Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials

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