Community Engaged and CBPR Projects

Sustainable Education to Eliminate Disparities (SEED)

  1. Strengthening the Breast Cancer & African Americans (BCAA) Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and collaborating on the annual BCAA Conference
  2. Using the conference as a platform to engage Greater Bay Area African American community members and stakeholders
  3. Engaging BCAA CAC and Ambassadors for Change to collaboratively develop and disseminate a toolkit
  4. Provide training to the Ambassadors for Change to build capacity.

Breast Cancer & African Americans Conference

The SCI hosts the annual Breast Cancer & African Americans (BCAA) Conference, which focuses on breast cancer disparities in African American populations in the Greater SF Bay Area and surrounding counties. Event includes informative dialogue with clinicians, researchers, health professionals, cancer survivors, caregivers, advocates, and other key stakeholders in the African American community.

American Indian Community Action Board (AICAB)

Nail Salon Studies at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California