Chief Resident Clinic

The Stanford Cosmetic Surgery Chief Resident/Faculty Clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures at considerably reduced rates. The clinic is located at the 1000 Welch Road, Suite 100, Stanford, CA and the operative procedures are performed at the Palo Alto Surgery Center in Palo Alto.

The surgeons are chief residents in their sixth and final year of clinical training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are overseen at all times by plastic surgery board-certified attending surgeons that supervise and perform all cosmetic surgical procedures with the residents. This ensures that patients receives the highest standard of quality, safety, and care. 

The Chief Resident Clinic is currently led by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Kirk Churukian and Dr. Barry Press. 

Meet Our Residents

Brian Pridgen


Kristine Rustad


Sarah Sorice


Our residents are expertly trained to provide unparalleled personalized care.

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