Frequently Asked Questions

What cosmetic surgeries does the clinic specialize in?

Our experienced cosmetic surgeons specialize in facial plastic surgery (facelift, browlift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, etc.) and body contouring procedures (breast surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction, etc.). Complementary therapies such as skin care, botox, soft tissue fillers and microdermabrasion are also available.

Why Stanford Cosmetic Surgery?

Stanford Cosmetic Surgery can provide you with a wide array of procedures. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are world-class at what they do. In addition, our Chief Resident Clinic offers an alternative to medical tourism and access to world-class, Stanford trained physicians at economical prices.  

What can I expect at the initial consultation?

At your initial consultation, we will focus on listening to your goals and expectations and conduct an examination. We will then discuss whether we share the same vision of your outcome and if we can achieve the desired result.

Is there a cost for the initial consultation?

The initial consultation and evaluation requires a $62 non-refundable fee. We accept Visa or Mastercard only, no cash. If a surgery is scheduled then this fee is discounted from the final fee. If a procedure such as a filler injection or Botox is performed than this is discounted from the final fee.

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