Before and after photos are an important educational tool used in consultation to help patients better learn about results that have been achieved. They are equally important in helping you communicate goals for your appearance, and to visualize the transformation that aesthetic surgery allows. The results of one patient, however, do not predict the results for another. As each individual patient has their own individual goals for the results of their surgery. 

Protecting your privacy is our primary concern.  We are proud of our work and want everyone to feel welcome and secure. We adhere to the highest standards of respecting and protecting patient privacy and the confidentiality of health care information. We  adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding the privacy of individual health care information, including HIPPA (the Health Care Insurance Privacy and Protection Act), enacted on April 15, 2003. Therefore, at this time we do not post patient photographs online. Upon consultation, you may view representative photos for educational purposes only.

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