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  • Would you volunteer to be Injected with COVID-19? In the dark early weeks of the pandemic, thousands of young people from all over the world volunteered to be injected with COVID, in order to speed up vaccine trials. They formed an organization called 1Day Sooner, believing that speeding a vaccine up by even one day would save so many lives that it was worth risking their own. This event features a discussion with four of those volunteers who will describe how and why they made this difficult choice. Larissa MacFarquhar, staff writer, The New Yorker, will moderate the panel discussion. This event is free and open to the public. Advance registration is required.

  • The COVID-19 global pandemic is not the first event –good or bad -- to be shared by the entire world, but in this age of technology and social connection when information travels the earth at lightning speed, we are all living the full impact of this collective experience, in real time. The countless individual tragedies of the virus come together in a cumulative and mutual loss to which few of us are immune. In this Q&A, Dr. Debra Kaysen, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences with the Public Mental Health & Population Sciences Division, helps us better understand our communal grief and how to deal with the societal stress of COVID-19. Dr. Kaysen specializes in the treatment of trauma and PTSD and is the President of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS).

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