Comparative Medicine's Animal Histology Services

Hyperkeratosis in a mouse

Coccidiosis in a bird

Teratoma in a mouse

Boytryomycosis in a mouse

The Department of Comparative Medicine's Animal Histology Services (AHS) provides a broad range of histological techniques that include standard processing and embedding methods as well as processing of larger specimens, serial and step sectioning, sectioning of frozen specimens, and a variety of staining techniques. 

We offer special orientation of tissues to match images from MRI, CT and other imaging modalities or for unbiased stereology. In addition to routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining, we offer special stains to highlight infectious agents (bacteria, fungi), cellular elements, different cell types, and tissue matrix components. Also, we offer immunohistochemical assays.

Note: Many histological techniques are sensitive to methods that are used for fixing or freezing of tissues, and results often depend on appropriate specimen preparation.  We suggest consulting with our pathologist Dr. Jose Vilches-Moure before collecting specimens.

***AHS Under Construction***

Submitting Samples - Interim histology services by HistoTec

Submit your histology requests to HistoTec.
Contact: Steve Avolicino, owner and founder of HistoTec,

Sample drop-off/pick-up cart: Edwards Building (07-309) Room R322 (3rd floor).

  • Pick-up and drop-off days are Tuesdays and Fridays.
    Deliver your samples before 11 AM on Tuesday or Friday.
    Samples dropped off after 11 AM will be picked up on the next scheduled pick-up day.
  • NOTE: If submitting tissue cassettes, you must submit them in 70% ethanol in a tight-sealing, leak-proof container. All requests must be accompanied by a completed Histology Service Request Form
  • If you choose to have the samples picked up and delivered directly to your lab, an additional fee will be applied by HistoTec. Please contact HistoTec to schedule individual pick-ups and drop-offs.

Here are links to:

to help you. Hardcopies of the form and documents will be available on the cart.

If you have questions about sample submission or services available please contact AHS Director Dr. José Vilches-Moure  x3-8680.

Thank You for your Cooperation!

AHS Staff