Comparative Medicine Animal Histology Service Center

The Department of Comparative Medicine Animal Histology Service (CMAHS) Center provides a range of histological techniques that include: standard processing and embedding methods as well as processing of larger specimens, serial and step sectioning, sectioning of frozen specimens, and a variety of staining techniques. 

We offer special orientation of tissues to match images from MRI, CT and other imaging modalities, or for unbiased stereology. In addition to routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining, we offer special stains to highlight infectious agents (bacteria, fungi), cellular elements, different cell types, and tissue matrix components. Also, we offer immunoperoxidase and apoptosis assays.

Note: Many histological techniques are sensitive to methods that are used for fixing or freezing of tissues, and results often depend on appropriate specimen preparation. We suggest consulting with a pathologist (Dr. Jose Vilches-Moure: before collecting specimens.

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