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seizure EKG

Temporal lobe epilepsy is common, frequently refractory to treatment, and devastating to those affected. Our long-term goal is to better understand the pathophysiological mechanisms of this disease so that rational and effective therapies can be developed. We use electrophysiological, molecular, and anatomical techniques to evaluate neuronal circuitry in normal and in epileptic brains.


Paul Buckmaster, DVM, PhD

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Edwards R335 
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Buckmaster's Figure 1

Figure 1. Aberrant mossy fiber sprouting was measured by drawing contours around the entire granule cell layer (g) + molecular layer (m) (magenta line) and the Timm-positive part (cyan line) (A). h, Hilus; CA3, CA3 pyramidal cell layer. B, Isolated outlines with Timm-positive contour filled. Areas were recorded, and the percentage of the entire granule cell layer + molecular layer that was Timm positive was calculated.



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