Pre-Vet Expo V


  • The Stanford University Pre-Vet Society held its 5th Pre-Vet Expo on Sunday April 9, 2017.  This Expo was a free, day-long conference for high school (Juniors and Seniors or 16 yrs old and above), college students, graduate students and interested high school staff and faculty interested in learning more about the field of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • As a veterinarian, one can have an exciting and diverse career that offers opportunities to work not only in clinical practice, but also in academia, research, public health, and for the government/military.

    At Pre-Vet Expo V, participants:
  • Learned about different areas of specialization from veterinary speakers
  • Had lunch in small groups with 1or 2 vets and informally discussed their interests
  • Heard from current veterinary students enrolled in several different veterinary schools
  • Learned about  ways to volunteer and gain experience
  • Learned how to prepare for and apply to veterinary school

For more information about the veterinary profession, contact Dr. B (