Pre-Vet Expo V Program-coming soon

Event Information

If you pre-register and cannot attend, please let us know so that someone else can take your spot

  • The Stanford University Pre-Vet Society presents the 5th Annual Pre-Vet Expo.  This Expo is a day-long conference for high school (Juniors and Seniors or 16 yrs old and above)*, college students, graduate students and interested high school staff and faculty who wish to learn more about the field of Veterinary Medicine.  As a veterinarian, one can have an exciting and diverse career that offers opportunities to work not only in clinical practice, but also in academia, research, public health, and for the government/military.

    At Pre-Vet Expo V, participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn about different areas of specialization from veterinary speakers
  • Have lunch in small groups with 1or 2 vets and informally discuss your interests
  • Hear from current veterinary students enrolled in several different veterinary schools
  • Learn about  ways to volunteer and gain experience
  • Learn how to prepare for and apply to veterinary school
  • Pre-registration prior to April 4th is required
  • *Students 14 or 15 yrs old (Sophomores in HS) are not allowed to pre-register unless they will be accompanied to the Expo by a parent/guardian, who must also pre-register. No one under age 14 may attend.
  • Pre-register here

  • For more information, please contact Dr. B (






Stanford Pre-Vet Society Advisor:

Donna M. Bouley, DVM, PhD
American College of Veterinary Pathologists
Department of Comparative Medicine
Voice: (650) 498-5403
Fax (650) 725-0940


What is SPVS?

The SPVS is your number one source of information on seminars, unique classes, work opportunities and undergraduate research. Participation in the SPVS will not only aid in confirming your desire to become a veterinarian, but also help you navigate the veterinary college application process. For more information please contact Dr. Donna Bouley.

Always dreamed of being a veterinarian? Join the SPVS to learn more about careers in veterinary medicine

The Stanford Pre-Vet Society (formerly Stanford Undergraduate Pre-vet Club) was formed several years ago by Dr. Donna M. Bouley, DVM, Ph.D, (“Dr. B”) a Professor in Comparative Medicine. Dr. B. realized that Stanford undergrads interested in veterinary medicine felt somewhat isolated in a “sea” of pre-med students. Therefore, it became her mission to distribute information regarding career opportunities in veterinary medicine and to provide information on the specific requirements needed to apply to the highly competitive veterinary colleges.

Since 2003, the SUPVC offers undergraduates a way to meet, learn from, and interact with fellow pre-vet enthusiasts. In addition, the club is associated with the Department of Comparative Medicine, which brings the experience and background of 11 faculty and staff veterinarians.

It is the goal of the SPVS to provide enthusiastic undergraduates with opportunities to meet departmental and local practicing veterinarians, receive guidance regarding veterinary career choices, and to share common preveterinary experiences.