Master of Laboratory Animal Science

Coterminal Stanford Students (For Currently Enrolled Stanford Undergraduates)

Please note: the information listed below is for current undergraduate Stanford students

1.      Go to the Stanford Registrar’s Office Applying to Coterm

2.      Review the eligibility requirements, deadlines, and fees.

3.      Complete the Coterm Application (online). Find the link on the Applying to Coterm page under the Application Process section.

4.      Download and complete the Comparative Medicine Laboratory Animal Science Coterminal Supplemental Application form.

5.      Submit your completed supplemental application package to Steve Choy as directed on the form.

Current Stanford Graduate Students

Please note: the information listed below is for current Stanford students.

  • Current Stanford graduate students include master’s, doctoral, and medical students only.
  • Current Stanford postdoctoral scholars MUST APPLY as external applicants.

 How to Apply:

1. Thoroughly review the information on our website and information about adding/changing degree programs at Stanford.

2. Submit all the "Required Application Materials" listed above by completing the Current Graduate Student Online Application Form.


Petitions must be submitted electronically no later than the last day of classes for the quarter in which the change is requested. Petitions after the deadline must be submitted for the subsequent quarter if applicable. A service fee for the handling of the petition will be added automatically to the student's university bill, regardless of outcome.

Receiving Laboratory Animal Science Course Credit:

Students pursuing a PhD at Stanford are eligible to count up to 45 units from the Master’s degree towards the PhD requirements (135 residency units). The policy can be found via Stanford's Bulletin. Note that PhD students who have received Graduate Residency Transfer credit for a master's degree from another institution are not eligible to count the Laboratory Animal Science units also.

Per University policy, students in other master's programs may count MLAS course units towards their M.S. degree for MLAS courses taken before matriculating into the program provided that the MLAS units are not also counted towards the other degree (i.e. no double counting). 

The MLAS Program works with each of its students to help define and outline a suitable MLAS course plan.