Students' Achievements

Congratulations to Kristen Aceves!

Under the mentorship of Thomas Cherpes MD, DVM and in collaboration with members of his lab, MLAS student Kristen co-authored the article Norethisterone Enanthate Increases Mouse Susceptibility to Genital Infection with Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 and HIV Type 1 published in the February 1, 2010 issue of Immunohorizons. Furthermore, their image was featured as the journal cover (see left).

Well done, Kristen!

Congratulations to Kristen Aceves for the following publications!

Rodolfo D. Vicetti Miguel, Nirk E. Quispe Calla, Kristen M. Aceves, Fiorela C. Dueñas Lopez, Thomas L. Cherpes.  ECHO: context and limitations.  The Lancet 395(10222):PE21, 2020.

Nirk E. Quispe Calla, Rodolfo D. Vicetti Miguel, Kristen M. Aceves, Angelo Torres, Thomas L. Cherpes.  Depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate reduces genital cell–cell adhesion molecule expression and increases genital herpes simplex virus type 2 infection susceptibility in a dose-dependent fashion.  Contraception 100(5):397-401, 2019.


Congratulations to Alexandra Johns, 2019 finalist in the Art of Science Exhibition for her image of neurons entitled “Galaxy of the Mind".

The Stanford Alumni Association has awarded Alissa Hatfield and Aryana Razmara each a Community Impact Award. Comparative Medicine is uniquely privileged to have two stellar, talented, and dedicated trainees recognized by the Stanford Alumni Association for their contributions to the community. Well done!    

Aryana Razmara

2018 Stanford Alumni Association’s
Community Impact Award

Alissa Hatfield

2018 Stanford Alumni Association's
Community Impact Award