Pre-Vet Expos

Pre-Vet Expo V, 2017

Dr. B's Introducing Speakers

Dr. Emily Corbin
Military Veterinarian

Dr. Fallon Segarra
Intern, Peninsula Equine
Portola Valley, CA

Dr. Stacey Kang - Resident
Laboratory Animal Medicine

Dr. David Sender
Emergency Medicine
Midwestern Veterinary School

Dr. Mary Thurber
2nd Year Resident
UC Davis CVM

Dr. Hillary Feldman - Resident
Livestock Medicine

Dr. Sharon Ullman
(Small Animal Surgery)
SAGE Centers
Redwood City, CA


A.M. Coffee
Important for Pre-Vets


L:  Jim Godkin - Dr. B's husband
R: Roberta Moorhead DCM Clinical Lab Director

Participants Viewing
Informational Posters

Attentive Audience

Stanford Pre-Vet Society
(Faculty and Staff Veterinarians, Trainees, Alumni and Pre-Vets)

Left: Elizabeth Lake, Stanford Alumi, Vet Student, Texas A & M
Right: Celeste Turner, Stanford Pre-Vet

L to R:  Dr. Mary Thurber (Stanford Alumni), Zoo Veterinarian Resident, UC Davis; Dr. B, and Kaitlin Moorhead, Vet Student, UTCVM; Kasen Riemersma DVM, PhD candidate, UC Davis


Eat Lunch with a Veterinarian

Equine Vets Show Expo Participants the Correct Way to Wrap a Horse Leg

Dr. David Sender (Stanford 08')
Talks with Interested Student

Dr. B Talks with the Parents of Students Interested in Veterinary Medicine

Learning Suturing with Plastic Mold

Chris Jackson Shows Skulls to
Expo Participants

Ketan Jain and Emily Ruan
Point Out Various Skulls to Expo Participants

Lanting Lu Describes Plastinated Organ to Expo Participant

Vet and Vet Student Q & A Panels

Vet Student Panel. (L - R:  Jackie Brockhurst - UPenn, Nicole Gilmore - UC Davis, Kaitlin Moorhead - U Tenn, Elizabeth Lake - Texas A & M, Avery Berkowitz - Tufts Univ, Dr. Megan Albertelli - Faculty Stanford)

Veterinarian Q & A Panel