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Class of 2017 - 2018 Arrives at Hoover!

June 01, 2017

Our new class of COMET Fellows has arrived at Hoover! The incoming class of fellows are a diverse, extraordinary, passionate group of men and women. They will be continuing the COMET program in Family Medicine as well as expanding the program into Internal Medicine and Senior Care.

To learn more about the fellows individually, head over to their bios by clicking here.

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Greetings from STFM in San Diego!

May 08, 2017

Please join us in congratulating our incredible COMET fellows, all six of whom delivered amazing presentations and really lit up the conference with excitement about our scribe program! The high level of interest in the scribe program was palpable at Dr. Lin's lecture discussion and at the roundtable discussions. There was standing room only and multiple questions afterward. It was truly impressive that every scribe made a presentation at this prestigious conference - a testament to the scholarship associated with the program.

A huge shout out to the faculty, especially Dr. Lin, for their invaluable guidance in designing and executing these projects. Also to our incredible clinic manager, Juno Vega. We could not be prouder or more appreciative of this team.

Enjoy the photos attached!

Jimmy Yao Winner of Stanford's Patient Safety Award

May 04, 2017

A huge congratulations to Jimmy Yao, Dr. Weinlander, and Ian for winning the April Patient Safety Award for keeping safety your top priority when you recognized and quickly acted to help a patient that was experiencing a stroke.

This is an incredible story of bravery and potentially life-saving actions by our traige nurse Ian, Dr. Eva Weinlander, and our scribe Jimmy.

One of our patients came to see Dr. Weinlander. He was experiencing dizziness and imbalance. Dr. Weinlander noticed that he stopped taking his Plavix, a crucial medication which helps prevent stroke. She told him to restart the medication.

While he was driving home, the patient started having facial numbness on one side and word-finding difficulty. He called our triage nurse, and Ian responded. Ian immediately recognized the red flags for a stroke and asked the patient to go to the ED. The patient was relunctant and instead drove back to the parking lot.

Without hesistation, Ian rushed out to the parking lot to see the patient. Dr. Weinlander and her scribe, Jimmy, followed closely behind. Together, the three of them treated him in the parking lot and got an ambulance to take him to the ED,  where a stroke code was activated. Thanks to the heroic actions of Ian, Dr. Weinlander, and Jimmy, the patient is alive and well.

Thank you Ian, Dr. Weinlander, and Jimmy, for inspiring us with your courage! And congratulation again on winning the Stanford Patient Safety Award!

COMET at STFM Conference on Medical Student Education

February 10, 2017

We attended the STFM conference on medical student education in Anaheim, CA. Talk was buzzing about the implementation of scribe programs in family medicine.  In addition to presenting our scholarly work, we engaged in educational seminars, learned from innovative leaders in family medicine education, and were inspired by the energy, creativity, and commitment to family medicine education. We are looking forward to attending the national STFM conference in San Diego in May. All of the COMET Fellows will be presenting their own scholarly work!

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Expanding the Role of Scribes, One Patient at a Time

January 04, 2017

Here at COMET we are expanding our roles as physician extenders!

COMET fellows are now trained to take vitals for adult and pediatric patients and have begun rooming patients in clinic. This hands on experience creates a stronger relationship between patient and scribe, as well as assisting the family medicine clinic and our fantastic patient care coordinators (PCC).

A HUGE shout out to our amazing assistant clinic manager, Therese Truong and Jessica Butler, PCC extraordinaire, for making this possible.