Disclosure of Financial Interests

The large amount of research, particularly that which involves human subjects, requires that the School of Medicine exercise special care to ensure that we have identified any financial interests or relationships related to research conducted here.  Thus our policy varies slightly from that of the university, which is focused primarily on non-human research. We require that:

A. All faculty disclose any personal financial interest (defined as income, honoraria or other payment for services [such as payment for consulting], equity such as stock, stock options or other ownership interests, and royalties) for the faculty member (or his/her spouse or domestic partner and dependent children) or relationship with a for-profit company that either directly supports research being conducted by that individual or is related to research being conducted by that individual, such as financial interests that are related to federally funded studies. This means that any transactions such as grants, contracts, gifts, licensing agreements, human research protocols, collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements, or procurements require this disclosure. All personal financial interests related to Stanford activities must be reported, regardless of dollar amount. All reported financial interests will be reviewed by the Conflict of Interest Review Program (COIRP) to determine if a significant conflict of interest exists.

B. All faculty must disclose any personal financial interest related to human research to the subject in the consent form.

C. The appropriate disclosure of an investigator's financial relationship with, or interest in, a for-profit company must be made in all relevant publications (in any form, including electronic publications) and presentations (including all internal presentations at Stanford, e.g., beyond presentations to his/her own laboratory or division, starting at the level of departmental such as grand rounds or interdepartmental presentations) - whether or not to an academic audience.  A relationship with, or financial interest in a company is relevant and should be disclosed if 1) the information in the publication or presentation could be perceived as potentially benefiting the company, or 2) the company's technology/product is integral to the research being reported and the application of the technology/product as described in the publication or presentation could be viewed as potentially benefiting the company.

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