Assessing Conflicts of Interest

Disclosures of financial interests above these thresholds will be reviewed by the COIRP to determine if the financial interests or relationships are significant enough to create the perception of, or actual potential for bias or compromise the objectivity of the research, potentially harm a subject in the study, provide the company early or exclusive access to research results, constitute an inappropriate use of university resources and facilities, restrict the freedom to publish or publicly disseminate research results, compromise academic freedom--particularly of students or other trainees, create the opportunity to exploit or coerce students, trainees, faculty who work within their divisions, or others supervised by the conflicted investigator, or inhibit the fair licensing of intellectual property.  Financial interests or relationships that could potentially have any of these negative impacts would be deemed to have a direct and significant affect on the research. Such conflicts of interest would be referred to the Conflict of Interest Committee in order to determine what steps might be needed to eliminate, mitigate or manage the conflict.

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