If You Serve on a Scientific or Medical Advisory Board

  • You are permitted to sit on scientific or medical advisory boards because such positions do not carry, nor are they perceived to carry, management responsibility. However, your primary commitment is to the University and your service on a Scientific or Medical Advisory Board should not conflict with that obligation or conflict with any other university rules or regulations.
  • You can serve on a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) or Medical Advisory Board (MAB), however it is advisable to have a formal consulting agreement in those situations. (see CONSULT )
  • Often service on an advisory board is rewarded with stock or stock options--such equity can raise the issue of such incentives compromising objectivity, particularly where human subjects are involved in studies of the company's products.
  • You must not provide the company with early or exclusive access to the results of your research, unless those results come from a sponsored research project with the company.
  • You must keep your financial interests arising from service on advisory boards separate from your research and University obligations in order to:
    • protect your students, trainees, and others whom you are responsible for directing, from undue influences or the compromise of academic freedoms;
    • preserve the integrity of the research;
    • cause no harm to human subjects used in your research; and
    • see that any creations or discoveries that arise during the course of your research or scholarly activities at Stanford are not pipelined to the company, and are disclosed in a timely fashion to the Office of Technology Licensing; and
    • not allow your relationship to compromise the free exchange of ideas or delay or prohibit publications arising from your University activities.
  • You must disclose this relationship with the company in publications and public discussions of any of your research that is sponsored by the company or related to the company.

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