Meet our Alumni

Meet some of our amazing SCORE alumni currently at Stanford Medicine, Stanford Health Care, & Stanford Lucile Packard Children's Hospital!

Dr. Carmin Powell

Hi! My name is Carmin Powell and I’m a Clinical Instructor at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. To say that life is full circle would be an understatement. I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA and attended Stanford University for undergrad. After leaving for medical school at The Ohio State University, I gratefully matched at Stanford and now I’m back in my hometown as a Pediatric Hospitalist at Watsonville Community Hospital.

All of this was made possible through the SCORE program, where I was able to realize my dream to come back to Stanford for Pediatric Residency and serve the very community that I grew up in! I was fortunate to rotate as a visiting 3rd year medical student on the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology service. I tremendously enjoyed my clinical experience and received amazing mentorship that I still used throughout my residency training.

Most of all, I continue to be impressed by Stanford Medicine’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Through supportive programs like SCORE, this provides an excellent clinical opportunity for medical students to visit our various residency programs, gain hands-on experience working with some of our most underserved patients, and provides both housing and a stipend to ensure medical students from all diverse backgrounds can fully participate in their visiting clerkship. It has been an honor to be a part of the SCORE family and I look forward to welcoming the next SCORE students!

Dr. Wilson Alobuia

My journey to Stanford began with the SCORE program. The opportunity to rotate through the Surgery department for one month was one that opened many, many doors. The stipend and housing provided by the program was an astonishing bonus, which allowed me to not only focus on my rotation and working hard, but also made me realize how determined Stanford is to increasing diversity and providing opportunities for people who otherwise would have little to no exposure to this incredible institution. I am very thankful for the SCORE program because I know for a fact that without the program, I would definitely not be pursuing my Surgery training here at Stanford. And if not for anything else, I got the opportunity to meet & know the amazing and infamous duo; Rita and Mijiza!! 

Dr. Ashley Landsman

Hello! My name is Ashley Landsman. I am a current Pediatric Intern at Stanford. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas and completed my undergraduate training and medical school training at Texas A&M. I have to say the main reason I was able to take the leap of faith and leave Texas was all because of the SCORE program. This program allowed me to come to Stanford as a visiting 4th year medical student. I completed a 4-week rotation on one of the Pediatric subspecialty inpatient services and absolutely loved my experience. I was amazed by the complexity of patients we cared for and was thoroughly impressed by my Attendings and Residents mentoring me. I felt so welcomed and supported, I couldn’t help but completely fall in love with this program.

The SCORE program exposed me to the diversity that makes up the Stanford Residency program. I could tell having people from all over the country from all racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds was very important to this program, and convinced me to leave my home and create a new one at Stanford. I am so happy to have participated in the SCORE program and highly recommend this program to any student wanting to get a glimpse of all that Stanford has to offer.

Dr. Baraka Floyd

When I decided to become a doctor, I always knew I wanted to serve the underserved. Throughout high school in Indiana, service opportunities at Pepperdine University, and at Morehouse School of Medicine, my sights were set on helping those most in need.

It wasn’t until my month at Stanford for a 4th year medical student selective in endocrinology that I knew Stanford was the right “fit” for me. The SCORE program provided clinical experience, mentorship, and the stipend and bonus alleviated the financial stresses of traveling across the country for this valuable experience, making it much more accessible.

My month at Stanford de-bunked the myth that there were no underserved patients here. I continued at Stanford for residency and now work as a faculty member in our outpatient general pediatrics clinic, where I work with our Pediatric Residents. All of our patients are underserved, and I work with our advocacy group and serve as co-medical director of our medical-legal partnership.

Had I not participated in the SCORE program, I may not have chosen Stanford. My SCORE mentors continue to provide valuable mentorship today, and I look forward to continuing to do the same for other SCORE students as they come through the program. I have been impressed with the commitment to diversity and inclusion shown through continued support of the SCORE program through the years.

Dr. Rudolph Davis

I’m Rudolph Davis, better known as Rudy, I am a current fourth-year MD/MPH dual degree student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I completed the SCORE program in 2017 with the Department of Anesthesia and will be joining the department as a resident in 2019 following my internship at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta!  During the SCORE program I was able to work day to day with many of the best minds in medicine and also get a feel for Palo Alto and the bay area, a part of the country I had never visited before. Without the SCORE program, I am sure I would not have been able to fund my externship experience and I may have missed out on the great month I had in Palo Alto.

I was drawn to Stanford because of the amazing reputation and the many opportunities that exist within such a world-renowned university, but I chose to rank them #1 after working with a group of outstanding faculty members and observing how involved they were in residents development. I knew as a student that had interest such as social determinants of health, healthcare systems and behavioral economics my role in the department would be appreciated and I matched into my dream. 



Dr. Lola Oladini

Lola Oladini is an MD/MBA student at Pritzker School of Medicine. Before and during medical school, she devoted time to understanding barriers to high-quality healthcare delivery in poor countries through global health study abroad programs, global social impact consulting projects, and grant-funded global train-the-trainer public health programs. She became interested in interventional radiology after learning about the vast number of conditions that IR could treat in a minimally invasive, cost effective way. As a third-year student, she researched patient outcomes and procedural throughput for outpatients receiving minimal sedation for certain IR procedures; this research piqued her interest in clinical outcomes research within IR.

While at rotating at Stanford as part of the SCORE program, she was touched by the intentionality of the SCORE program. She also had the opportunity to meet several faculty members who were some of her biggest advocates during the application and interview process. She recently matched into general surgery internship at Kaiser LA and will be at Stanford for IR/DR residency. She is humbled at the opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in IR, and looks forward to being inspired by the industrious faculty and staff at Stanford University.



Dr. Nancy Rivera

My name is Nancy Rivera and I am an incoming Pediatric Intern at Stanford. I was born and raised in Modesto, a city in the Central Valley, California. I attended the University of California, Davis School of Medicine and was part of the San Joaquin Valley PRIME tailored clinical track.

As a visiting medical student through the SCORE Program, I completed a rotation with the Pediatric Cardiology service. During my rotation, I experienced first-hand what training would be like at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital as well as the diversity of patients served. I saw residents’ genuine desire for collaboration and teamwork. I could tell they loved working with one another and serving their patients. I also felt that the faculty and fellows were sincerely dedicated to teaching and were truly invested in my learning. Moreover, as a member of an underrepresented group in medicine, I value Stanford’s commitment to serving diverse communities and its initiatives to diversify the medical workforce.

Through the SCORE Program, I am grateful to have been exposed to Stanford Medicine’s supportive environment and educational experiences. I feel fortunate for being a SCORE alumni and look forward to connecting with the future SCORE students!


Dr. Jason Powell

I am a non-traditional medical student. I obtained my BS in Finance in 2000 and my MBA in

Finance and Management in 2003. I then went on to work for my family business for about 8 years. After a serious wakeboarding accident, I decided to pursue a career in medicine. I completed my pre-requisite coursework at the University of Illinois at Chicago while still working fulltime. I completed my 1st two years of medical school at Indiana University’s Gary campus. My time there solidified my desire to work in urban underserved communities.

During medical school I was very active with the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). I served as the National Treasurer from 2016-2017 and as the National Chairperson of the Board of Directors from 2017-2018. It was at the 2016 SNMA annul conference that I learned about the SCORE program.

I had an amazing experience during my time at Stanford. The SCORE program was truly a life changing experience. This fall I will be beginning my medical career as a General Surgery Intern at Stanford! This would not have been possible without the SCORE program. I would strongly recommend SCORE to anyone interested in training at Stanford!