Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Where do I apply for a clerkship elective?

  • You must apply through the International Visiting Students website. You may not apply by contacting Stanford doctors, faculty, or program coordinators.

Can I take a core clerkship at Stanford?

  • No. Core clerkships must be completed before coming to Stanford. International visiting students may only apply for clerkship electives.

I'm not in my final year of medical school. Can I still apply?

  • You must be in your final year of medical school for the period you are applying for. If you are a 5th year student applying for a clerkship that will take place during your 6th and final year, this is acceptable. You will not be considered for placement, nor refunded your application fee, if you apply to a period without being in your final year of medical school.

My home institution doesn't align with Stanford's period dates. Can I customize my schedule for a clerkship elective?

  • No. You can only take a clerkship elective for the dates Stanford has listed. There are no exceptions.

What type of VISA do I need?

  • Stanford Medicine will not provide advice regarding student's VISA status or requirements. VISA status are determined by the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs. More information can be found here.

Do all applicants get accepted into a clerkship?

  • No. Due to space constraints, there are a limited amount of international visiting students accepted into each available clerkship elective. Availability is subject to change each clerkship period.

Am I able to rent or buy a bike while at Stanford?

  • Yes, you can rent or buy a bike while here at Stanford. A link to the Campus Bike Shop can be found here.