Clinical Research Services

We provide a formal infrastructure for pediatrics research that enables, facilitates, and supports the clinical and translational research efforts of children‚s services at Stanford and invests in robust career development and mentoring for trainees, young investigators, and mid-level faculty to create a clear pathway that ensures their career advancement and success.

Research Coordinator

Coordinator services available range from full support for clinical research studies and trials (administer questionnaires, assistance with budget, conduct patient visits, contract, and regulatory documents, IRB applications, CTRU coordination, recruitment, data/sample collection, and management, etc) to selected assistance (e.g. IRB preparation only). Click here for Research Coordinator services.

Boilerplate Language

Boilerplate text description of our services for grant proposals. Click here for the boilerplate language.

Research Personnel Onboarding Checklist

Clinical Research Personnel Onboarding Checklist for new hires. Click here the onboarding checklist.