Quantitative Sciences Unit

The Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) has partnered with the Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) in the Department of Medicine to provide comprehensive biostatistics and data management support, for research that is directly related to maternal and child health.  This resource is available to all CHRI members and their mentees.  Projects will be reviewed for significance to maternal and child health prior to resource allocation.

The QSU is a collaborative group of over 25 data scientists including faculty and Masters- and PhD-level staff.  QSU members will collaborate with investigators by lending expertise in study design, database creation, data management, and data analysis using an interdisciplinary collaborative approach.  QSU members are available for collaboration, including the development of grant proposals and the implementation of funded projects.  To learn more about the QSU, click here.

If you are a trainee or faculty member in the Department of Pediatrics, please contact Dr. Suzan Carmichael first, in the Department of Pediatrics Research and Statistical Unit (DPRSU) at scarmichael@stanford.edu.  She will help you determine if your project is best supported through the DPRSU or the QSU.  The DPRSU continues to serve members of the Department of Pediatrics requiring consultation for grants or other short-term projects.  To learn more about the Unit, click here.

If you are a CHRI member or a mentee of a CHRI member but not in the Department of Pediatrics, click here to submit a maternal and child health-related request directly to the QSU.

QSU Biostatistics Consultations

For questions about QSU consultations, please contact:

Mary M. Chen, MS, MBA
Administrative Director, Stanford Child Health Research Institute
Assistant Dean, Maternal Child Health Research
Phone: 650.736.9783
E-mail: machen@stanford.edu