Clinical Research Informatics Workgroup

Clinical Research is a vital enabling component of Stanford Children's Health mission and strategic vision. The Clinical Research Informatics Workgroup (CRIWG) is responsible for providing research and operational recommendations to the Stanford Children's Health IT leadership for the support of clinical research using the electronic health record (EHR).

Specific CRIWG Responsibilities: 

· Review and make recommendations on using EHR functionalities for optimizing the clinical research workflows
· Review and approve prioritization of clinical research related EHR optimization requests with inputs from various stakeholders.
· Ensure that clinical research Informatics solutions remains aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic goals.
· Ensure adequate alignment with Stanford Health Care and Stanford School of Medicine clinical research informatics designs and policies.
· Act as a committee of clinical research stakeholders to make recommendations to Stanford Children’s Health IT leadership on future clinical research informatics needs.

If you have any questions about the CRIWG, please contact Sijo Thomas


Karl Sylvester, MD
Associate Dean, Maternal Child Health Research, School of Medicine (SOM) 

Mary M Chen, MS, MBA
Assistant Dean, Maternal Child Health Research, School of Medicine (SOM)
Administrative Director, Child Health Research Institute (CHRI)  

Sijo Thomas, RN, MSN, MBA, PMP
Clinical Research Informatics Project Manager, Stanford Children’s Health (SCH)

Natalie M Pageler, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Stanford Children’s Health (SCH)

Andrew Smith, MD
Medical Director, Packard Children’s Health Alliance (PCHA)

Rhonda Pisk, MS
Director, Clinical Trial Program, Stem Cell and Gene Therapy

Nancy Sweeters, RN, PNP
Nurse Manager, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office (CCTO)

Katherine Connors, MPH
Research Recruitment Enhancement Core (REC) Manager, Spectrum (SOM)

May Zepeda, CCRC
Clinical Research Manager, Spectrum Maternal Child Health (SOM)

Rachel Moericke
Clinical Research Manager, Spectrum Heart Center Research Program (SOM)

Shilpa Jani, MPH
Project Manager, Packard Children’s Health Alliance Research & Learning Collaborative

Ad Hoc Members

Kathy Dotson
Director, IT Application Director, Revenue Cycle, Stanford Children’s Health (SCH)



Shawn Tienken
Director, Revenue Cycle Operations, Stanford Children's Health (SCH)